New reviews of Conquest in Planet, Magma, Orbis and The Midwest Review of Books

Planet Cover

New reviews of Conquest have just come out in Planet: The Welsh Internationalist (209), Magma (54), and Orbis (159).

David Lloyd writes for Planet that “Brigley refuses simplification and cliche while probing ‘the alchemy of colony cells’ […] Her poems are assured and densely packed, the language satisfying in its discursive rhythmic and sonic movements.”  Helen Mort in Magma writes that Conquest is “a beautifully disconcerting collection, intelligent in its treatment of its themes”. Reviewing the collection for Orbis, Afric McGlinchey concludes that “In this beautifully formal, excitingly imagistic and thoughtful collection, Brigley connects her story to theirs, to the story of all women across the centuries.”

Finally, in the September 2012 edition of the Midwest Book Review: “Who says love and war can’t coexist? Conquest is a collection of poetry from American poet Zoe Brigley who presents her own thought driven journeys into Europe and touches on everything violent and lovely and what’s in between. Enticing and recommended, Conquest is a strongly recommended addition to modern poetry assortments.”