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Today, the new issue of Lyndon Davies’s Junction Box has gone live. The idea of the zine is to create a space mainly for poets “to talk about the world, themselves and the others, in a free and category-open fashion”. Davies writes:

Junction Box will be mainly prose-based. The idea is a determinedly simple one: to invite carefully chosen poets, writers and artists to write about whatever they want to write about. The subject matter is entirely open: it may be personal, political, literary, artistic, cosmological, or indeterminate or decisively subject-free: there are no boundaries. It’s a space, hopefully, where practitioners will feel licenced to explore any aspect of their experiences as human beings, from any angle available to them.

This issue features a piece that I have written about Arches National Park in Utah. I visited the Delicate Arch in 2010, when I was driving from Pennsylvania to California. Somehow the arch itself became bound up, for me, with the grieving process and coming to terms with loss. You can see ‘Arches’ here.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

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