Capturing Columbus: The Cover Image for the Midnight Heart


A few people have asked me about the cover image of The Midnight Heart. it was taken in Franklinton, a somewhat neglected area of Columbus that actually predated the main city, but now is somewhat run down and poverty stricken. Columbus, as a kind of boom town, has recently started trying to revitalize Franklinton, and a number of arts workshops and markets have emerged in old factories. (There are rumours that parts of nuclear bombs were manufactured here!?) 

This photograph was taken at 400 West Rich and I think that it captures something about Columbus and perhaps Ohio in general. There is that beautiful, old tree, which reminds us of Ohio’s verdant forests, some of which were demolished for agriculture and industry. Seen through a window, there is a certain distance from nature and the strange paraphernalia on the wall recalls the industrial aspect of Columbus and the state. 

i chose it for the site, because I liked the Gothic aspect of the photograph and it plants me firmly where i am living now. The picture itself seemed to tell a story from the perspective of someone looking out through the panes of glass: the figure inside having to speak at last, to reach the outside world.