October Poetry News

I have been working for a long time on the current manuscript, and some of these poems have been published in the last few months. Other are forthcoming, for example in Orion, The Manhattan ReviewPoetry WalesAbridged, and the anthology The Edge of Necessary: Welsh Innovative Poetry. 

‘Round Trip,’ a poem about Brexit and Britain’s precarious relationship with Europe, came out in the British/Irish newspaper, The New European.


In the US, Permafrost published ‘My Last Beatitude,’ a poem that seeks to challenge sanitised narratives about pregnancy and motherhood.

The long-running Northern-Irish journal, Honest Ulsterman, published a poem about the difference between being looked at and being judged: ‘The Amish Roofers.’

Another beatitude poem, ‘Beatitude for the Meek,’ appeared in Magma Poetry

‘Letter to Leda on Getting Married’ was published in the Tahoma Literary Review.

I was also pleased that some fellow writers and actors had an event in London through Arachne Press, where they read a few of my poems to the audience. You can see the video here of the actress Annalie Wilson reading ‘My Last Rochester’: https://videopress.com/v/JVunsa2l