Culture Declares Emergency

Today I signed up to the pledge at Culture Declares Emergency. It is an international organization bringing arts and culture organizations together as well as individual people working in the arts and culture industries:

Mission: the cultural sector is a leading contributor in creating a regenerative future that sustains everyone, everywhere. 

Vision: to grow, support and mobilise a movement of declarers in the UK cultural sector, and inspire others internationally.

Values: being a collaborative, inclusive & diverse community whose work is always rooted in justice for all.


Here’s what you can do to get involved:

Join our public list of declarers by signing up here, whether you are an individual or on behalf of an organisation. 

Create a statement about why you’ve declared and what you plan to do – simply a sentence or a fuller plan.

Put a kitemark on your website or email, and use it when you announce your declarationSpread the word and invite others to declare too. Use hashtags #CultureDeclaresEmergency and #CultureTakesAction Follow us on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter
Get active in your organisation, network or local area to set goals and share learning.

Get more involved with us by forming a local Culture Declares group, join a Working Group, or take part in our Actions & Events. On August 28th we launch #CultureTakesAction, a month of Declaration and Taking Action. We invite people to write Letters to Power and to share your stories of action.