Sexuality & Violence: A Course in Anti-violence Advocacy

Next semester here at Ohio State, I will be teaching “Sexuality & Violence,” a course in anti-violence advocacy. I have taught the course since I first arrived in 2015, but this will probably be the last time, as unfortunately the center for Sexuality Studies here has been closed. I am just considering how I might be able to remake this as an English course, but I am looking forward nevertheless to teaching it one last time. I am very grateful for all the incredible students that I have worked with, who give me great hope.

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  1. Hi Zoe

    If you were here in Wales, I would like to introduce you to my daughter who is Head of Public affairs and Communication for Welsh Womens Aid. I think you would have a lot to talk about! You could look her up and what she’s written about; there’s a short article for Welsh Arts Review, this time last year, I think. She’s passionate about gender issues and domestic violence is the main focus of her work. Sure she has an email door open.

    Good luck with the restructuring of this course. So many possibilities.


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