Poetry Wales – new issue featuring disabled writers & a call for submissions

Alt-text: the cover of Poetry Wales 58.1. An illustration by artist Vivi-Mari Carpelan of a yellow brain covered in X marks, with a red rose blooming from the centre. It is suspended between two pieces of machinery, and lightning is emanating from it. Three bees fly towards the brain in front of a light yellow sky with blue clouds. Across the top is the POETRY WALES logo on a red background.

I am very excited about this new edition of Poetry Wales which just came out, which seeks to particularly platform writing by disabled writers. The front cover image is by Wales-based disabled artist Vivi-Mari Carpelan. I was working on this with contributing editors in training, Hannah Hodgson and Taylor Edmonds. This was Hannah’s main issue as contributing editor, and so she has a selection of poems that she particularly enjoyed, a conversation with American writer The Cyborg Jillian Weise, and a helpful workshop on the body. Taylor’s main issue will be our next one.

And talking of our next issue, here’s the next call for submissions which is open until the beginning of August.

Call for Submissions

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent and the emergence of India and Pakistan as independent nation-states. We intend to mark this anniversary with related articles and poems, so for this issue we are especially interested in hearing from writers with links to India and Pakistan, although writing is not limited to the topic of Partition and we welcome submissions on any theme. 

Future Issues

Spring 2023 (submissions open November-December 2022): Open to general submissions but also particularly to poems and articles that explore the potential of Cymraeg and other non-majority languages. 

Summer 2023 (submissions open March-April 2023): Open to general submissions but also particularly to writers from the South Wales Valleys. 

For reference, please find a detailed submission guide here.

How to Submit

You can submit your poems via Submittable (our preferred method), by post, or, if Submittable is not accessible for you, by email. Please submit before the deadline of 8th August 2022

As detailed in our submissions guide, please send up to four poems in a single Word document. Please note that we do not accept poems which have been published elsewhere previously, either in print or online. 

  • To submit via Submittable, click here
  • To submit via email, use poetrywalessubmissions@gmail.com (please do not send your submissions to any other Poetry Wales emails, as we will not be able to accept them)
  • To submit by post, send your submission to: 
    RE: Submissions
    Poetry Wales
    Suite 6
    4 Derwen Road
    Bridgend, CF31 1LH