On the eve of the Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival, a guide to Cardiff

Photo of Cardiff Cable a large tower on a grassy mound with cloudy sky behind by David Atkins on Pexels.com

It’s the eve of the Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival taking place this weekend July 29th to July 31st. Hoping to see you there!

Cardiff is a really fun city. I grew up in Caerphilly just outside of the capital, and Cardiff was often the place of a misspent youth. I sometimes think of Cardiff as quite a hedonistic city – it’s set up for people to go out and enjoy themselves. For a start, I think of St Mary’s street which is one of the partying centers of the city – bars, clubs, lots of live music. It is also a shopping paradise with many large and expensive stores; some worry that Cardiff has lost its character a little bit since big stores like John Lewis moved in, and there has been a rise in high-rise apartments being built and old Cardiff being knocked down to make way for those.

You can still find old Cardiff however. I really love for example the Cardiff Arcades, built in Edwardian and Victorian times. They have interesting little shops and restaurants. Tip for festival attendees: in Wyndham Arcade there is a great breakfast spot The Wyndham Cafeteria.

Talking of food, another tip for attendees of the festival, the venue (The Atrium, University of South Wales) is just 8 mins walk from Cardiff’s restaurant and cafe quarter: see directions here. Also the Citrus Hotel is only 3 mins away from the Atrium.

Other things to see include:

Also you can catch a bus or train to Cardiff Bay. Bus timetables here. Train timetables here. At Cardiff Bay, you can:

I’m sure there are more things that I have missed, so let me know if there is something else you would recommend.