Poetry Wales Submissions are Open!

As usual for Issue 59.1, we are open for general submissions, starting on the 7th March 2023. For this issue, however, we will also be celebrating the South Wales Valleys and areas like it that experience economic stress. We would be glad to see submissions from those writers who have connections to the Valleys as well to communities that may be considered ‘working class’ across the UK and the world.

The term “working class” is sometimes synonymous with a specific demographic of white, straight men, and while all submissions are welcome and carefully read, we would also be pleased to see work from groups traditionally marginalised, like writers of the global majority, disabled poets, neurodiverse writers, and queer communities. This is not designed, however, to obscure specific experiences, for example of Blackness, through a class-not-race logic. We only mention this to be sure that the whiteness sometimes ascribed to the category “working class” does not obscure a varied practice of writing through, around, and about economic stress, inflected by individual experiences.

How to Submit

You can submit your poems via Submittable (our preferred method), by post, or, if Submittable is not accessible for you, by email. Please submit before the deadline of 7th April 2023

As detailed in our submissions guide, please send up to four poems in a single Word document

Please note that we do not accept poems which have been published elsewhere previously, either in print or online. To save us time when selecting poems, please do not send in simultaneous submissions.

  • To submit via Submittable, click here
  • If you can’t use Submittable, please submit via email, use poetrywalessubmissions@gmail.com (please do not send your submissions to any other Poetry Wales emails, as we will not be able to accept them)
  • To submit by post, send your submission to: 
RE: Submissions
Poetry Wales
Suite 6
4 Derwen Road
Bridgend, CF31 1LH