Advocacy & Advisory Work

I have worked with a number of organisations on anti-violence advocacy projects including:

I am currently faculty advisor for It’s On Us at the Ohio State University.

I have also worked in an advisory capacity on projects related to improving diversity within organizations, and I am a member of the Welsh Climate Change and Culture Working Group.


Anti-violence Advocacy Student Work Exhibit

This exhibit was curated by Zoë Brigley Thompson, Geren Heurtin, and Jennifer Schnabel.  For the spring 2019 class of Sexuality Studies 5620, students produced their own public service announcements (PSAs): texts that promote a particular message for the public good. The students chose an anti-violence cause that they thought was important, and they created an array of different PSAs, finding creative and thoughtful ways to present their message.  Special thanks to the Ohio State University librarians Jennifer Schnabel, Jolie Braun, Kevlin Haire, and Tamar Chute for visits to the archive which inspired these projects.  Many of the students have generously donated their work to the University Archives, where the material will be made available to researchers, students and others interested in the history of student activism at OSU. For more information about University Archives, visit

Advocacy Workshops & Lectures
Post after a creative writing workshop for Proyecto Mariposas: writing letter/poems to our families and friends

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During International Women’s Month, March 2018, I spoke at a Heforshe event at the Ohio State University campus on the subject of #metoo and #timesup. [Read the speech here.]


Reading Lists After Sexual Trauma

Reading is an activity that can foster imagination and empowerment. One current project is creating resources for post-traumatic contexts. In creating this list, I must add my thanks to services at the Ohio State University for invaluable advice.

Please see: PDF: Reading Lists [Final] or MS Word with hyperlinks to texts: Reading Lists (Now updated with recommendations by authors Moniza Alvi and Pascale Petit.)

Programs of Healing After Sexual Violence

Programs of Healing After Sexual Violence: Tackling the Double Violation

Presenting “Programs of Healing at the Ohio State University Engagement Forum

2017 The Ohio State University Engagement Forum Program