Poetry Wales Submissions are Open!

As usual for Issue 59.1, we are open for general submissions, starting on the 7th March 2023. For this issue, however, we will also be celebrating the South Wales Valleys and areas like it that experience economic stress. We would be glad to see submissions from those writers who have connections to the Valleys as [...]

Imagination and the Natural World

100 Poems to Save the Earth Book Cover I just came away from giving a talk with my co-editor Kristian Evans on 100 Poems to Save the Earth. It was for a series on imagination and the natural world for the Open University. We were asking questions like, how do contemporary writers concerned about climate [...]

Zoom Tips for Making Poetry Events Safer

I have recently experienced a number of Zoom-bombings at poetry readings. They're unpleasant and upsetting. This post is designed to help organizers of poetry events to make their readings safe from gross interference. It is written in the spirit of positive learning and knowledge sharing together as a community. Let me know if you have [...]