Capturing Columbus: The Cover Image for the Midnight Heart

A few people have asked me about the cover image of The Midnight Heart. it was taken in Franklinton, a somewhat neglected area of Columbus that actually predated the main city, but now is somewhat run down and poverty stricken. Columbus, as a kind of boom town, has recently started trying to revitalize Franklinton, and a number of arts workshops and markets have emerged in old factories. (There are rumours that parts of nuclear bombs were manufactured here!?)

The Orphic Principle: Comments on a Poem

Jon Fry, a student studying The Secret, recently asked me about the poem ‘The Orphic Principle.’ I started writing ‘The Orphic Principle’ when I was working with an experimental performance poetry group led by the poet David Hart. Encouraged to share poetry in languages other than English with the group , I turned to a [...]