Editorial & Workshop Hire


The publishing world for poetry is extremely competitive, and it can frustrating and difficult when working on a book alone. Zoë offers manuscript editing for poetry collections of all lengths, as well as sets of poems, or even an individual work.

Zoë provides meticulous feedback on the effectiveness of language and form, and when reading chapbook manuscripts or collections, she offers detailed commentary on the architecture of the whole work, including how poems complement one another in juxtaposition, and ordering.

Creative Writing Workshops in Schools, Museums, and Art Centers

Zoë is a very experienced workshop leader. She has held creative writing workshops with children and teenagers of elementary school, middle school, and high school ages. She taught creative writing at the prestigious Marlborough College, England, and at the National Academy for Gifted Youth (NAGTY). She has held workshops at art centers, museums, and literary festivals. She currently teaches at the Ohio State University.

Zoë can attend your school, college, museum, or art center to deliver a workshop or structured session with young, teenage or adult learners. She can provide poetry writing workshops for any of the following: elementary school/middle school/high school/wider adult education

In a typical session, Zoë would bring examples of age appropriate poems, sometimes original, present them with flair to her audience, and facilitate guided activities on poetic language, meaning, comparisons, thematic construction, while providing exercises to encourage participants in their own creative writing. Poems could be related to examination preparation, poetry appreciation, a school project or theme, celebrating a particular event or holiday, or to encourage more abstract study of poetic technique.


“Zoë Brigley Thompson is easily one of the best instructors I have ever had. She always creates an environment that is open for students to share writing and thoughts, and is both respectful to students sharing feedback on a student’s work, and to the student sharing.”

“Zoë Brigley Thompson is not only an effective teacher, she’s also sensitive to each individual student’s personality. In a room full of poets, emotions tend to run high, but Zoë kept things running smoothly by giving critiques in a tactful way. She said many things that helped me grow as a poet as well as a person.”

“The way that the materials were presented as well as discussed made me feel how passionate and knowledgeable the instructor is. Her confidence in the different exercises and materials shows her control of poetry creation and editing. She always pushes all of us to be better. Amazing teacher. Highly recommended.”


For rates, please write to zoe.brigley@gmail.com