Poems on Stieglitz’s pictures of O’Keeffe

This month, I have some poems up on Compass Magazine based on the art and life of Georgia O'Keeffe. They draw on her paintings, her letters to her lover Alfred Stieglitz, his photographs of her, and descriptions of O’Keeffe by critics like Waldo Frank.It is in part inspired by the Tate Modern's current  major exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work. Years [...]

Bowie, Rape Culture, and Survival

When I heard that David Bowie had died, the first thing I did was pull up YouTube. I focused on hearing the songs again, and let the chaos of the morning at our house – plastic spoons, bibs and Tonka trucks – unfurl around me. When I first listened to 'Life On Mars,' I just [...]

Writing an Artist Spotlight on the Poet Jamaal May

Jamaal May is a Detroit-raised poet who has been described as a ‘rising star’ of American poetry. His debut collection, HUM, has won numerous awards and Jamaal received the Spirit of Detroit Award in 2014. He also co-directs Organic Weapon Arts, a press that publishes a superb range of poetry collections and creates poetry films. For any UK-based readers looking [...]