Letter from One Who Knows (at So to Speak)

Ravishment (at Poetry Ireland Review)

Two Poems for Mexico City (in Capitals: A Poetry Anthology)

The Hole in the Wall (at Agenda)

Syringe (at Agenda)

Five poems (at Compass)

The Shave (reprint in Hallelujah for 50 Foot Women: Poems about Women’s Relationship to Their Bodies)

Infertility (reprint in Hallelujah for 50 Foot Women: Poems about Women’s Relationship to Their Bodies)

Postcolonial (at Planet)

The Promise of Happiness (at Planet)

Fallen (at Writing from Below)

The Shave (at Writing from Below)

Self-Portrait as Woman and Parasol (at University of Warwick)

Dryad (at Elemental Dialogues)

Beyond the Barren Lands – Bridgend’s “Suicide Spate”: poetry and photography by Zoë Brigley and Nathan Roach (at The New Welsh Review)

All of which are American dreams (reprint in Lung Jazz: Young British Poets)

Farming Florida (at The Platte Valley Review)

Pennsylvania Winter (at The Platte Valley Review)

The Heart of the Sorrowing Coyote (at Platte Valley Review)

The Fir-tree Prisoner (at Women’s Studies Quarterly)

Arches (at Maintenant: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Poetry and Art)

The Scent Bottle (at Poetry Ireland Review)

The Jewel-box (at The Manhattan Review)

My Pear-tree Bower (at The Manhattan Review)

Love and the Orchid (in Arvon International Poetry Competition Anthology 2010)

Glyph (at the English Association Poetry Prize)

Four poems (in Dove Release: New Flights and Voices)

Daughter (at Agenda)

Behind the Looking Glass (at Agenda)

Infertility (at Mslexia)

The Mandrake Baby (at The New Welsh Review)

The Bell Confessing (at The Lampeter Review)

Anne of the Opening Hand (at The Lampeter Review)

The Tin Soldier (at Like Starlings)

The Key to All Desire (at Like Starlings)

North Street (at Like Starlings)

Six poems (at Agenda)

All of Which Are American Dreams (at Southword)

The Guide (at Southword)

Atlas-eating (at The Best American Poetry)

Five poems (at Agenda)

Trade (at Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies)

The Armoury (at Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies)

Equivocation (at Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies)

Serpent (reprint in Poetry Wales: 40 Years)

Hecate (at Poetry Wales)

Serpent (at Poetry Wales)

The Flying Bed (at Stride Magazine)

Yield (at Stride Magazine)

Collision (at Stride Magazine)

A Small Unit of Time (at  Stride Magazine)

Canopy (at Scintilla)

My Weltanschauung (in Phoenix New Writing)

Goleudydd (in The Gift: Poems for the NHS)

Exorcism (at Absinthe Literary Review)

Blodeuwedd (at Poetry Wales)

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